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Why 60/40 Blend is the Best Quality Shirt?
60 Cotton - 40 Polyester is one of the Best Because of the Weather in Louisiana.
100% Polyester
Long Lasting - Polyester is a man-made fiber; Another words- it's plastic. Polyester Shirts are made of Plastic Bottles.  Because of this, it Doesn't shrink.
Less Fading - Plastic Doesn't Decompose so this is why 100% polyester lasts more than other Fabric.
Dries Quickly - Less Wrinkling - Unlike Cotton, It doesn't Absorb, so it doesn't shrink and doesn't fade.
Because of this positives, there are also negatives.
NOT - BREATHABLE     - Polyester Doesn't let anything through, meaning it won't let you Breath. Which will make you more Hotter especially in Louisiana Weather. Also if you buy cheap Polyester shirt, it also have weird smell.
Moisture -100% Polyester doesn't keep as much moist as Cotton, So Because of This, It can mess up with your Body. In Hot Weather, Air doesn't pass as much in Polyester, so you will be more dehydrated, and where you are wearing 100% Polyester is going to be more Hotter than you Head( Where you are not wearing polyester).

100% Cotton
Breathable - Unlike Polyester, It will let your skin Breath. Because of This, it is Best for your skin. It will also keep your temperature Stable.
Soft and Strong - Not all Cotton is Strong, But The thick ones And Great Made are Strong.
Good For Skin - Cotton is better than Polyester for your sking, because Cotton absorb moisture, which is good for your skin.
Bio-Degradable - Everthing Breaks Down overtime.  There nothing that Lasts forever and there shouldn't be. So Rather than be Greedy, Do Something Good for your skin.

Cotton/Poly Mix
This is the Best of Both Worlds.
Soft and Strong
Good For Skin
Long Lasting
Less Fading
Dries Quickly
Less Wrinkling

7011 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA
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